Italian beef

The Italian Beef is Chicago’s iconic sandwich. In Chicago Italian beef is a culinary staple that can be found in almost every neighborhood and suburb. Not only is it eaten for lunch and dinner, it’s catered for parties, sold at sporting events, eaten at weddings, funerals, communions, baptisms, confirmations, and for holidays. If people get together in Chicago there’s a good chance Italian beef is somewhere close by.

If you grew up in Chicago then you know that every neighborhood has its own favorite Italian beef sandwich. Depending on what part of the city you grew up in will usually determine what your favorite Italian Beef Sandwich is, which usually true for most foods no matter where you live. From Italian beef stands that have been in business for over a half of a century, to pizza places and hot dog stands, there are hundreds of different versions of Italian beef in neighborhoods throughout the city.

The exact origins of the Italian beef sandwich are widely debated so if you ask 10 people you’ll get a variety of different answers. Most people in Chicagoland will agree that Italian beef is phenomenally good, outrageously delicious, and was originated by Italian immigrants, (thus the name “Italian” Beef).

At Gelazzi we make our slow roasted Italian Beef just like our family did back in 1950s Chicago. We use only the finest cuts of beef, imported spices and then slowly roast our beef to perfection so you can savor the flavor and tenderness.

When ordering an Italian beef sandwich, there are some basic elements to keep in mind. It starts with fresh Italian bread, and of course the Italian beef, some gravy – some people say “au jus”, sweet peppers, giardiniera, sport peppers, and occasionally cheese & red sauce.

At Gelazzi, we serve our Italian beef sandwiches on freshly baked Italian bread stuffed with thinly sliced lean cuts of seasoned beef, slightly wet and let you decide the rest.

  • Wet: Italian beef on gravy-wetted bread
  • Dry: Italian beef on dry bread
  • Dipped: Italian beef on bread actually “dipped” into the gravy
  • Hot dipped: Italian beef on gravy-dipped bread and giardiniera.
  • Sweet dipped: Italian beef on gravy-dipped bread with sweet peppers.
  • Hot dry: Italian beef on dry bread, topped with giardiniera.
  • Sweet dry: Italian beef on dry bread, topped with sweet peppers.
  • Cheesy beef: Italian beef with Provolone, Mozzarella, or both.
  • Soaked: Italian Beef literally soaked in the gravy


If you’re looking for an authentic Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich in Houston, visit Gelazzi for the best Italian-American food this side of the old neighborhood. 

"This is the best Italian Beef in Texas. The homemade giardiniera is fantastic and the lemon ice makes it a real taste of Chicago"

-John G.


"I tried the Italian Beef with Italian Sausage combo and it is out of the ball park"

-Tom J.


“The beef is tender and packs some serious flavor. The fresh Italian bread works perfectly to soak in all that delectable beef juice.”

-Carlos S.

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