Italia Pizza

In 1953 Anthony Comella started Italia Pizza Company in Chicago. After selling his liquor distributorship he bought a small restaurant and started making pizza along with some popular Italian-American foods of the time. Back then, pizza was considered a new food and there were a lot of different pizza styles emerging. People would bring their families and friends to eat some of the best pizza in the neighborhood and for dessert they would have some lemon Italian ice. 

Italia Pizza was sold by the square slice as well as the whole round pie. It’s a thin crust pastry-like dough thinner than New York style but flakier and more tender. The sauce is full-flavored with garlic and spices, toppings placed under the cheese, and the cheese goes all the way to the edge. 

Although times have changed since the 1950s, we don’t offer any pretentious or trendy pizza combinations and we don’t serve bargain buffet pizza made with cheap ingredients. Italia Pizza is still made with the freshest and finest ingredients available and the taste is what many refer to as old-school, or traditional Italian style thin crust pizza.

Today, we use the same Italia Pizza recipe from 1953, and we still give customers some fresh-made lemon ice with every pizza, but nowadays our pizza is served in the historic Houston Heights.

Whether you want to order pizza by the slice or the whole pizza pie, visit Gelazzi to taste some of the best Traditional Italian Style Thin Crust Pizza in Houston.

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