Chicago-Style Stuffed Pizza

Connie's has been serving the best of Chicago’s deep dish pizzas since 1963. You don’t have to travel all the way to Chicago to get the best tasting authentic Chicago-style stuffed pizza. At Gelazzi in the Houston Heights, we serve Connie’s Chicago-style stuffed pizza. 

The Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza is the Original Connie’s deep-dish pan pizza stuffed with classic ingredients and baked with a thin layer of dough on top.  It’s made Classic style with the sauce on the top. It’s just as thick as the original deep-dish pan but the layer of dough on the top makes it like pie. One bite of Connie’s Chicago-style stuffed pizza and you’ll see why they’re a known as one the best pizzas places in Chicago.

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Stuffed Pizza

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