Sorbetto - Sorbet

Gelazzi sorbettos are intensely flavorful and healthier for you than most ice creams out there. Eating our sorbetto not only allows you to enjoy all the deliciousness of “the gelato experience™”, but since our sorbettos are water based, fat-free and dairy-free, they’re way better for you than the high fructose corn-syrup and food chemicals contained in many other ice cream novelties and frozen desserts.

Gelazzi sorbettos are all about fruit and flavor. They contain no cream, milk or eggs and only rely on sugar, fruits, fruit juices, purees, and all natural ingredients for flavor.

We handcraft our sorbettos in small batches in the Italian artisanal tradition to give your taste buds an utterly delicious frozen treat. Gelazzi sorbettos are crafted with the simplest ingredients to make them simply delicious. Our sorbetto has an intense taste which tends to have more fruit and less water-based than American-style ice creams and sorbets that make for a smoother, softer, less icy texture and taste.

We use fruits, water, sugar, natural ingredients, some passion and lots of love, so when you taste Gelazzi sorbettos they’re as close to perfection as a sorbetto can get.

Visit Gelazzi for some sorbetto italiano and get a taste of Little Italy in the Historic Houston Heights.

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