Zuppa Inglese Gelato

When translated from Italian, “Zuppa Inglese” literally means “English soup,” however it actually refers to the popular English dessert known as “trifle.”

Like trifle, Zuppa Inglese is popular in many parts of Italy as a dessert, but not every gelateria makes it into a gelato. In the USA, this Italian custard dessert is sometimes hard to find at a restaurant not to mention a gelato. We thought it would be a shame to not make Gelato out of it. Lucky for you, we have.

At Gelazzi, our Zuppa Inglese Gelato captures the flavor of this classic dessert. We combine whipped egg-custard, dark chocolate, bits of cookies, and then add some sweet wine to make for one creamy and delicious Zuppa Inglese.

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