Zeppole Gelato ● Italian Donut Ice Cream

Gelazzi makes a variety of donut ice cream flavors and our customers keep asking for more. Just like gelato is to ice cream, Zeppole are the Italian equivalent of American style donuts. From Naples to Rome, and from Sicily to Italian-American communities throughout the US, Zeppole are a popular donut treat. Zeppole Italian donuts are often topped with powdered sugar and sometimes filled with mascarpone, jelly, cannoli cream, and custard. When they’re made into a frozen treat you can only imagine the possibilities.

Come into Gelazzi for some Zeppole Gelato - Italian Donut Ice Cream. The taste will remind you of a fresh baked, sweet, tasty confection from your favorite bakery or from a Pasticceria in Italy. Sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed!

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