Whiskey and Chocolate Gelato

When you think of whiskey and chocolate in the same sentence you may be thinking what can be better? Well the answer is “Whiskey and Chocolate Gelato”

Pairing chocolate with whiskey isn’t really a new culinary concept, but when you put the two together in a fine Italian ice cream it’s a delectable treat that’s simply delicious. The interplay of the chocolate and whiskey is powerful on the taste buds and is the taste is just phenomenal.

At Gelazzi, we make our Whiskey and Chocolate Gelato (whisky cioccolato gelato) with the finest and smoothest whiskey coupled with the best cocoa blends extracted from cocoa plants all over the world. The chocolaty creamy goodness of cocoa and fine whiskey is all that and more.

Visit Gelazzi for some Whiskey and Chocolate Gelato and you’ll be glad that you did.

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