Torrone Gelato

Torrone is a unique taste that is usually coated in chocolate or adorned with nuts or candied fruits. In Italy, Torrone is a popular candy, a cake like dessert, and a gelato. It is very popular in Calabria but different regions all over Italy make Torrone and they all make it different ways.

Torrone is nougat made of honey, sugar, and egg whites. Once the nougat is made, toasted almonds, pistachios and other nuts are added along with essences from citrus fruits or candied before the whole nougat is covered in chocolate or fondant. Once formed and hardened, it’s sliced and shaped into blocks.

At Gelazzi, we capture the natural sweetness of Torrone in a creamy, smooth gelato. Depending on the season we add different nuts and fruits to our Torrone gelato. We scoop the Torrone right out of the pan but sometimes we slice it up into blocks that we dip in white or dark chocolate and serve.

Come on in and have a scoop or a slice of Torrone…

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