Rum Raisin Gelato

Our Malaga or Rum Raisin Gelato brings plump sweet raisins and a slight taste of rum flavor to make for a creamy, unique gelato.

First, we mix molasses and powdered brown sugar with some dark rum and pour it into a stainless steel bowl. We then add the plumpest raisins we can find into the bowl, in essence dousing them so they absorb the rum mixture overnight. Next we mix our sweet milk gelato base with more dark rum. Then it’s go time. As the gelato is extracted we add in the rum soaked “rum raisins” and there it is, “Rum Raisin Gelato”. Occasionally we add caramelized raisins to the mix and-or some fine chocolate chips.

We hear Gelazzi customers say “it’s all that and then some”, but you’ll have to taste for yourself.

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