Pink Grapefruit Sorbetto

Pompelo Rosa (Pink Grapefruit) is extremely popular throughout Italy. You can find pink grapefruit trees growing all over southern Italy. There are pink grapefruit drinks sold in stores, cafes, street push carts, and pompelo rosa is so popular there are even pink grapefruit perfumes. So naturally, Italians love pompelo rosa sorbetto, granita, and gelato.

Gelazzi Pompelo Rosa takes the tart taste of pink grapefruit and creates a uniquely sweet citrus taste that’s refreshing and delicious. We make this Italian favorite with fresh pink grapefruits and a bit of powdered sugar to round out the grapefruit’s bittersweet flavor. Whether we make Pompelo Rosa sorbetto, granita, or gelato, this unique treat is a perfect frozen dessert for family and friends. Try it and you’ll find each bite to be molto magnifico.


Some of our customers tell us that dried tarragon and vodka go well with our Pompelo Rosa sorbetto, granita, and gelato, as do fresh watermelons blended with rum. Just Sayin…

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