Peach Gelato ● gelato di pesche

Peaches are grown all over Italy so peach gelato is a fairly common Italian ice cream flavor. Italian peaches are some of the best in the world and come in many different varieties. Yellow peaches (pesche gialle), big yellows (giallone), red (rosse), and white (bianche) peaches are some of the types of Italian peaches used to make gelato di pesche.

Texas Hill Country peaches are also world famous. Fredericksburg Peaches and Stonewall Peaches are both as juicy as they are delicious. Since we are in the Great State of Texas, Gelazzi uses a combination of fresh Texas peaches, and bits of imported peach puree to make our gelato di pesche.

Gelazzi peach gelato delivers a sweet flavor only outmatched by its beautiful color and appearance that will make you ooh and awe the whole time you enjoy it.

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