Maraschino Cherry Gelato ● maraschino gelato ciliegia

Gelazzi Maraschino Cherry Gelato, aka “Maraschino Gelato Ciliegia” is made with real maraschino cherries. Our maraschino cherry gelato is for serious cherry lovers. The sour Marasca cherries we use are candied with syrup and are produced in Luxardo, Italy. These cherries are nothing like the bright red artificial looking cherries you find in kiddy cocktails and on top of whipped cream desserts.

These Maraschino cherries go back to their Italian roots first produced in the early 1900s and are known throughout the world for their uniquely delicious taste. The candied Marasca cherries alone are simply delectable, but when they’re made into a frozen confection such as a gelato or sorbetto, the result is one of the best cherry treats you’ll ever taste.

If you love authentic Maraschino cherries and fine Italian ice cream, visit Gelazzi for a taste of our Maraschino Gelato Ciliegia.

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