Limoncello Sorbetto

Limoncello is an Italian Lemon Liqueur produced in Southern Italy that’s flavor is famous worldwide. In Italy, places like Sorrento, Capri, Napoli and throughout Sicily & Sardinia are not only known for their Limoncello liqueur but for their sorbetto and granita they make with it. Different regions produce different Limoncello, such as Pistachiocello flavored with pistachios, Fragoncello flavored with strawberries, and Meloncello flavored with cantaloupe. Gelazzi makes several different flavors of Limoncello Sorbetto depending on availability and the time of year.

Whatever the flavor, our Limoncello Sorbetto captures that flavor to create a cold refreshing treat that can’t be beat. Limoncello is a great as a sorbetto and is distinct from lemon sorbetto as it has a strong lemon flavor without the tart sourness and bitter tang of pure lemon juice used in pure lemon sorbet.

Have a scoop or 2 or 3 of Gelazzi Limoncello Sorbetto, it’s sweet enough so no need to pucker up…

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