Gianduja Gelato

“Gianduja” and/or “Gianduia” is a traditional Italian gelato flavor also known as Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato. In Italy, Gianduja gelato is often made with a chocolate hazelnut spread which is quite delicious on its own. In fact many travelers to Italy who’ve tasted Gianduja have helped to make some of these chocolate hazelnut spreads more popular throughout the world.

It’s worthy to note that these chocolate hazelnut spreads have proven to be delicious on just about everything so when made into gelato they’ve been known to create a Gianduja addiction.

Gelazzi uses an already fantastic and popular chocolate hazelnut spread; combines it with more hazelnuts, fine Italian chocolate, and a chocolate gelato base which results in a taste that’s dangerously delizioso. Try Gelazzi Gianduja it at your own risk, but be careful as it may become addictive.

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