Chocolate Sorbetto

Do you love the taste of chocolate ice cream and gelato but wished it was dairy free and lower in fat? Well if you answered “YES”, then Gelazzi sorbetto al cioccolato may be what you want, (or need?).

Our Chocolate sorbetto is made with water instead of milk and cream so despite its lack of dairy, it’s got all the same chocolate flavor. The thick richness of that dark and delicious chocolate taste is in there. Most people who try chocolate sorbetto for the first time are shocked to know it’s made with water and not dairy. They’re skeptical at first but then order several scoops so they can eat more chocolate goodness than they normally would have with cioccolato gelato or chocolate ice cream.

If you’re a chocolate lover or chocolate fan, then you need to try Gelazzi chocolate sorbetto. You’ll see…

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