Chocolate Gelato

Many studies, (none of which are referenced or relevant here) have shown that chocolate may positively affect those that eat it. Supposedly chocolate can make you feel better, change your mood, and may be an aphrodisiac.

Question: Should you eat Gelazzi Chocolate Gelato for its beneficial effects?
Answer: The classic and timeless flavor of Chocolate is captured perfectly in Gelazzi’s creamy semi-sweet and decadent gelato al cioccolato. This chocolaty creamy goodness, extracted from cocoa plants all over the world, is one of Gelazzi’s specialties. Many Gelazzi customers (none of which are named here) say its estremamente delizioso to the taste, but only you can decide if Gelazzi Chocolate Gelato is good for you.

Chocolate Gelato = Good + Delicious.

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