Chocolate Italian Donut Ice Cream● Cioccolato Zeppole Gelato

Whats the difference between zeppole gelato and cioccolato zeppole gelato? CHOCOLATE

If you’re a fan of dounuts and Italian ice cream then Cioccolato Zeppole Gelato could be for you. Sweet bread and chocolate together is nothing new. Neither is ice cream, but when you get gelato together with chocolate donuts then decadent indulgence may be words to describe the taste of our cioccolato zeppole gelato.

Just like gelato is to ice cream, Zeppole are the Italian equivalent of American style donuts. From Rome to Venice, and from Palermo to Italian-American communities throughout the USA, Zeppole are a popular donut treat. If you’ve been to an Italian festival, you may have seen Zeppole plain or topped with powdered sugar. When they’re made with chocolate and then turned into a delicious Italian ice cream the result is crazy good.

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