Chestnut Gelato

Sometimes it’s difficult to find chestnuts, which makes it even more difficult to find Gelati Castagna (Chestnut Gelato). For the Holiday Season, we make our Chestnut Gelato just like when we were kids. We realize that not everyone made Italian ice cream for the Holidays but many people had warm chestnuts around the Holidays or maybe had them roasting on an open fire. At Gelazzi we capture the full flavor of chestnuts in our Gelati Castagna.

It’s a classic Holiday & Christmas treat with its unique flavor, but in a brand new way. Of course we use fresh whole chestnuts ground and crushed which adds the natural nutty taste and then comes the creamy texture of sweet cream to create a Gelato that will bring you sweet memories of Holidays & Christmas past.

Gelazzi’s Gelati Castagna is only around at the holiday season so if you’re just a chestnut gelato aficionado then come on in or you may have to wait until next year.

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