Cannoli Gelato

Cannolo are some of the best tasting dolci (desserts) on the planet and so is gelato. Cannolo is an Italian dessert (dolci) of Sicilian origins. Cannolo is a symbol of both Sicily and Italian pasticceria (pastry shops) the world over. At Gelazzi, our Cannolo Siciliano - Cannoli Gelato combines the classic Sicilian pastry with our gelato recipe. The result is a creamy dessert that’s unbelievable in taste and is sure to delight.

Just like a pasticceria we make our cannoli gelato different ways. Sometimes we use chocolate chips to make cannoli chip gelato. Other times we use pistachios, cherries, cannoli shells or even chocolate cannoli shells. If you like cannoli and gelato there’s nothing else to explain except our cannoli gelato is Molto Delizioso…

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