Gelato - Sorbetto - Italian Ice Cream


At Gelazzi, we make all our gelati and Italian ice creams fresh, in house, and in small batches using only the finest ingredients. Seven days a week, Gelazzi offers an extensive selection of 40 different flavors daily. Whether it's seasonal, for a holiday, an event, or at the suggestion of our customers, we rotate our flavors quite often. In fact, we often run out of flavors we make in the morning and will rotate in other flavors throughout the day.

Every day upon opening, we post the available flavors on our social media pages so that customers can see what's currently available as well as new flavors as they're introduced. Because we make small batches, we often sell out of seasonal and daily flavors so the flavors we post when we open may not be avaialable in the afternoon or evening.

The traditional Italian favorites like bacio, stracciatella, and pistacchio, as well as the Neopolitan standards of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, are almost always available, but do run out.

If you want to be sure a particular flavor is available, please call: 713-597-6257

The following list of flavors is just a sampling of what we make. Consider these just some of the flavors we rotate throughout the year as we make hundreds of flavors that aren't on the list. We continue to develop new flavors, source new ingredients, and improve upon our existing recipes so we change the list every now and then.


If there is a specific flavor you're interested in or you'd like to suggest a flavor you don't see on the list below, feel free to give us a call or email us to suggest a new flavor.

Flavor List

Gelato - Sorbetto - Ice Cream

Acacia Honey Gelato
Almond Gelato
Amarena Cherry Gelato
Amaretto Crunch Gelato
Anisette Gelato
Apple Gelato
Apple Pie Gelato
Avocado Gelato
Bacon Gelato
Baileys Gelato
Banana Gelato
Banana Choc Chip Gelato
Basil Gelato
Beet Gelato
Birthday Cake Gelato
Biscotti Gelato
Blackberry Cardamom Gelato
Black Cherries & Chocolate Gelato
Black Cherry Gelato
Black Currant / Cassis Gelato
Black Peppercorn Gelato
Black Sesame Gelato
Blackberry Gelato
Blood Orange Gelato
Brandy-Wine Gelato
Bourbon Gelato
Bourbon Pecan Gelato
Bourbon Butterscotch Gelato
Butter Pecan Gelato
Butter Rum Gelato
Buttermilk Gelato
Buttermilk Lemon Gelato
Butternut Squash Gelato
Caffe Bianco Gelato
Cajeta Gelato
Cannoli Gelato
Cannoli Chocolate Chip Gelato
Cantaloupe Gelato
Cappuccino Gelato
Caramel Gelato
Caramel Salted Gelato
Cashew Coconut Gelato
Cashew Raw Gelato
Cashew Roasted Gelato
Cheddar Cheese Gelato
Cheesecake Gelato
Cherry Gelato
Chestnut Gelato
Chestnut Honey Gelato
Chili Chocolate
Choc Amaretto Crunch Gelato
Chocolate Banana Caramel Gelato
Chocolate Choc Chip Gelato
Chocolate Gelato
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato
Chocolate Italian Doughnut Gelato
Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato
Chocolate Starcciatella Gelato
Chocolate Stout Gelato
Chocolate Whiskey Gelato
Cinnamon Gelato
Coconut Gelato
Coffee Gelato
Cookies & Cream Gelato
Cream Cheese Gelato
Crème Fraiche Gelato
Custard Gelato
Dark Choc Cinnamon Gelato
Dark Chocolate Gelato
Dark Rum Gelato
Dulce de Leche Gelato
Earl Grey Gelato
Egg Nog Gelato
Espresso Gelato
Espresso Chip Gelato
Fig Gelato
Fig Mascarpone Gelato
Fior Di Latte Gelato
French Toast Gelato
Frutti Di Bosco Gelato
Garlic Gelato
Gianduja Gelato
Ginger Gelato
Greek Coffee Gelato
Greek Yogurt Gelato
Green Mint Gelato
Green Tea Gelato
Guinness® Gelato
Hazelnut Gelato
Honey Goat's Milk Gelato
Irish Cream Gelato
Italian Doughnut Gelato
Kahlua® Chocolate Gelato
Kahlua® Gelato
Key Lime Gelato
Lavender Gelato
Lavender Chocolate Gelato
Lavender Honey Gelato
Lemon Gelato
Lemon Chiffon Gelato
Licorice Gelato
Lime Gelato
Limoncello Gelato
Macadamia Gelato
Malt Gelato
Mandarin Orange Gelato
Mango Gelato
Maple Gelato
Maple Bacon Gelato
Maple Walnut Gelato
Maraschino Cherry Gelato
Marshmallow Gelato
Mascarpone Gelato
Mexican Cinnamon Gelato
Milk Caramel Chocolate Gelato
Milk Chip Chocolate Gelato
Milk Chocolate Gelato
Milk Malt Chocolate Gelato
Meringue Gelato
Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato
Mocha Gelato
Mocha Chip Gelato
Mumbai Mango Gelato
Nutmeg Gelato
Olive Oil Gelato
Orange Gelato
Orange Crema Gelato
Panna Cotta Gelato
Peach Gelato
Peanut Butter Gelato
Peanut Butter Cup Gelato
Pear Gelato
Pecan Pie Gelato
Peppermint Gelato
Pineapple Gelato
Pink Grapefruit Gelato
Pink Peppercorn Gelato
Pistachio Gelato
Pomegranate Gelato
Popcorn Gelato
Prune Armagnac Gelato
Pumpkin Gelato
Raspberry Gelato
Raw Cashew Gelato
Red Bean Gelato
Rice Gelato
Ricotta Gelato
Roasted Cashew Gelato
Root Beer Gelato
Rose Petal Gelato
Rosemary Gelato
Rum Raisin Gelato
Sage Gelato
Sambuca Gelato
Sea Salt Caramel Gelato
Sour Cream Gelato
Stracciatella Gelato
Strawberry & Balsamic Gelato
Strawberry Gelato
Strawberry Stracciatella Gelato
Sweet Potato Gelato
Tangerine Gelato
Tarragon Gelato
Tarragon Pink Pepper Gelato
Tart Cherry Mascarpone Gelato
Tiramisu Gelato
Thai Chili Chocolate Gelato
Thai Curry Coconut Milk Gelato
Toasted Almond Gelato
Toasted Coconut Gelato
Toasted White Sesame Gelato
Torrone Gelato
Vanilla Bean Gelato
Vanilla Gelato
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Gelato
Vanilla Pecan Gelato
Vanilla Rum Gelato
Vanilla Saffron Gelato
Walnut Nocello Gelato
Wasabi Gelato
Watermelon Gelato
Whiskey Cream Gelato
White Chocolate Gelato
White Peppercorn Gelato
White Russian Gelato
Yogurt Gelato
Zabione Gelato
Zeppole Gelato
Zuppa Inglese Gelato


Acai Sorbetto
Amarena Sorbetto
Anisette Sorbetto
Amaretto Sorbetto
Apple Sorbetto
Banana Sorbetto
Baobab Lime Sorbetto
Basil Mint Sorbetto
Basil Lime Sorbetto
Black Cherry Sorbetto
Black Currant / Cassis Sorbetto
Black Grape Sorbetto
Blackberry Shiraz Sorbetto
Blackberry Sorbetto
Blackberry w/Port Sorbetto
Blood Orange Sorbetto
Blueberry Sorbetto
Blueberry Lemon Sorbetto
Braeburn Apple Sorbetto
Cantaloupe Sorbetto
Celery Sorbetto
Champagne Sorbetto
Cherry Sorbetto
Chocolate Sorbetto
Cilantro Lime Sorbetto
Coconut Sorbetto
Coffee Sorbetto
Concord Grape Sorbetto
Cranberry Sorbetto
Cranberry Apple Sorbetto
Cucumber Sorbetto
Dark Chocolate Sorbetto
Espresso Sorbetto
Fig Sorbetto
Frutti Di Bosco Sorbetto
Fuji Apple Sorbetto
Gala Apple Sorbetto
Grapefruit (campari) Sorbetto
Grapefruit (hibiscus) Sorbetto
Grapefruit Sorbetto
Grappa Sorbetto
Green Apple Sorbetto
Green Grape Sorbetto
Hibiscus Lemon Sorbetto
Honeycrisp Apple Sorbetto
Honeydew Sorbetto
Kalamansi Sorbetto
Kiwi Sorbetto
Lemon Basil Sorbetto
Lemon Rosemary Sorbetto
Lemon Sorbetto
Lemon Verbena Sorbetto
Lime Fresh Mint Sorbetto
Lime Sorbetto
Limoncello Sorbetto
Lychee Sorbetto
Mandarin Orange Sorbetto
Mango Sorbetto
Melon Sorbetto
Mint Sorbetto
Orange (hibiscus) Sorbetto
Orange Sorbetto
Papaya Sorbetto
Passion Fruit Sorbetto
Peach Sorbetto
Peach Tea Vodka Sorbetto
Pear Sorbetto
Pineapple Sorbetto
Pink Grapefruit Sorbetto
Pomegranate Sorbetto
Raspberry Sorbetto
Red Grape Sorbetto
Starfruit Sorbetto
Strawberry & Balsamic Sorbetto
Strawberry Sorbetto
Tangerine Sorbetto
Uvetta Sorbetto (Raisin)
Vodka Cranberry Sorbetto
Watermelon Sorbetto
White Wine Sorbetto
Yuzu Sorbetto

Blue Moon Ice Cream
Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

au cassis - Blackcurrant Ice Cream
a la vanille - French Vanilla Ice Cream
a l'abricot - Apricot Ice Cream
aux fruits de la passion - Passion Fruit Ice Cream
safran pistache - Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream


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