Gelazzi is committed to bringing you
the best gelato, sorbetto, and ice cream
you’ve ever tasted

Customers tell us that Gelazzi makes the best gelato outside of Italy, while others say we make some of the finest ice creams and sorbets just like those found in Milan, Firenze, and Paris, if not better. After decades of making Italian ice cream, sorbet, and frozen confections, we believe it’s because of our commitment to quality, tradition, and passion that makes our gelato so great.

Using family recipes dating back to the 1950s, all of our gelati is handcrafted in-house daily, using only the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality taste.

From the small Gelateria in rural Italy and the Gelaterie in the Piazzas of Rome and Venice, to Italian Ice stands and pushcart vendors in Chicago and New York, we’ve defined what great Italian ice cream is to us, and hold all of our gelati to this standard. We believe there is truly an art to making gelato.

Whether its gelato, sorbetto, granita, or ice cream, each flavor has its own unique recipe and flavor profile that we handcraft in small batches. We carefully source every ingredient to achieve the best taste for each flavor we make. We don’t cut corners or use cheap ingredients. If it's the best possible ingredient or the freshest and finest available to make a superior tasting product, then that's what we use.

We’re not saying we make the absolute best gelato in the world, but it is our mission to bring you the best gelato, sorbetto, and Italian ice cream you’ve ever tasted, which inspires us in everything we do.

The flavor and quality of what we do speaks for itself. Don’t just take our word for it, come in and sample from our 40 daily flavors. You get to try them before you order so you know what you’re getting. We are confident that once you’ve tasted our fine Italian ice creams and sorbets you’ll be back for more.


We don’t just intend to make good gelato and pass it off.
We always intend to make the best gelato in the world.

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