Raspberry Gelato
August 15, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Raspberries have a refreshingly sweet taste by themselves. When they’re made into a fine Italian ice cream, the taste becomes a deliciously rich and creamy gelato that’s as intensely flavorful as it is indulgent. This summertime treat is made with Texas grown raspberries and just enough sugar to edge away the tartness while keeping the raspberries’ own sweetness. It’s a great refresher and a bit fuller in flavor than raspberry sorbetto. Stop by Gelazzi to taste our gelato al lampone and you’ll may just fall into raspberry love.

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Peach Sorbetto
July 28, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Hill Country peaches from Fredericksburg blended with Italian peach puree make some of the best peach sorbet you’ll ever taste. Come into Gelazzi and try our sorbetto di pesca and you’ll taste how peachy keen delicious it really is.

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Blackberry Gelato
July 15, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Blackberries are naturally some of the sweetest berries and are plentiful here in Texas during the summer. Because they’re readily available and naturally sweet we make use of blackberries in several of our gelato and sorbetto recipes. The blackberry gelato we’ve made up today has NO SUGAR ADDED. What that means is that we only used the blackberries’ natural sweetness to make our gelato mora. We also used skim milk which has some naturally occurring sugar but this blackberry gelato is a NO SUGAR ADDED frozen treat that’s refreshingly light yet tastes naturally sweet. Come in and try our blackberry gelato and taste how sweet no sugar added can be.

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Local Love: 12 Must-do’s in Houston! – Shipt
July 4, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments


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Houston Public Media: Houston Matters Wins National Award For Best News/Public Affairs Program
June 25, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments


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Red Grapefruit Sorbetto
June 12, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

From soft drinks to perfumes and candy, to fine desserts like gelato and sorbetto, Italians love their grapefruit. At Gelazzi we make our sorbetto al pompelmo rosa not to sweet and not to tart. It’s definitely a grapefruit taste but with a refreshing sweet yet zesty flavor. Words can’t really describe how good it actually is so you’ll just have to come in and try it.

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Gelazzi Wins Best Booth at Great Taste of the Heights
June 2, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Thank you for coming out to the Great Taste of the Heights. We appreciate winning the award for “Best Booth” this year. Until next year, visit Gelazzi in the historic Houston Heights for some of the best gelato, sorbetto and Italian ice cream you’ll ever taste.

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Birthday Cake Gelato
May 16, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Whether or not it’s your birthday, visit Gelazzi and have some Italian Birthday Cake Ice Cream. We make Torta di Compleanno Gelati (birthday cake gelato) in several different flavors and if it’s your birthday we’ll even sing you a song to go with your frozen treat. Have a Happy Birthday every day with some Gelazzi Birthday Cake Gelato. Buon Compleanno e Tanti Augurrriii!!!

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Great Taste of the Heights: All Saints Catholic Church Houston
May 7, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Visit Gelazzi at Great Taste of the Heights on May 21st All Saints Catholic Church ● 215 East 10th Street ● Houston Heights www.greattasteoftheheights.com

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