Cold Brew Coffee Ale Gelato
June 20, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Cold Brew Coffee as an ale, (“coffee ale”) is definitely something unique to the palate. Not only is it different, but its deliciously different and outrageously flavorful. Not everyone likes coffee and not everyone likes ale, but put them together in an Italian style ice cream and you may find yourself wanting more. When we seen this Shiner Birthday Beer, we had to make up a batch of gelato with it. Actually we made 3 batches so we guess you’ve got 3 days to come in before there no more.

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Pear Gelato
June 7, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Since the total sell out of the pear sorbetto and our selfish taste for pears, we have chosen to make pear gelato this week. The texture is light and the taste is uniquely refreshing. Try some gelato per la pera while it lasts.

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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner at Gelazzi
May 30, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Sophie Blitz is a familiar face at Gelazzi. She and her sister Annie frequently visit after school to enjoy their favorite gelato flavors. On a recent visit, Sophie and her sister showed up with a special guest, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. Sophie had previously written a letter to Mayor Turner about fixing the sidewalk in front of her house because she couldn’t ride her bicycle to school or in the street where the sidewalk was missing. In her letter, Sophie asked the Mayor if he could fix the sidewalk and invited him to get gelato afterwards.  The Mayor answered Sophie’s letter with a letter of his own, promising to fix the sidewalk. When Sophie and Annie walked into Gelazzi with Mayor Turner, and the media, we knew that the sidewalk had gotten fixed. Sophie ordered a scoop of chocolate sorbetto and cookies & cookies, Annie had raspberry sorbetto with some lemon Italian ice, and Mayor Turner had a single scoop of plain vanilla gelato. KTRK abc13: Girl’s adorable letter to Houston’s mayor gets action on sidewalk repairs KPRC Click2Houston NBC 2: 8-year-old girl writes cute letter asking Mayor Turner to fix bumpy sidewalk By – Sophia Beausoleil – Reporter […]

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Great Taste of the Heights: All Saints Catholic Church Houston
May 20, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Visit Gelazzi at Great Taste of the Heights on May 20th All Saints Catholic Church ● 215 East 10th Street ● Houston Heights

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Pear Sorbet
May 7, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

We have decided to make pear sorbet this week. We got some Comice pears, Green Anjou, and Forelle pears together and blended them with fine sugar. The taste is pretty phenomenal if you’re a pear fan. Get some while it lasts.

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Orange Gelato
March 1, 2017 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

We usually make blood orange sorbetto or gelato but today we decided to make something different, orange gelato. We found some beautiful oranges that were just right for gelati arancione. Come in and try our orange gelato by itself or with some dark chocolate sorbetto. This gelato is simple, good, and Orange.

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Coffee Bean Gelato
December 18, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

All of the great espresso and coffee brands are from Italy. Depending on who you talk to, someone will debate what the best coffee brands are and whether or not Italy makes the best espresso. One this is certain which is that Italians are known throughout the world for blending coffee beans to make espresso and they’re known for making gelato. When you put these great things together as a gelato, the result is a fine Italian ice cream that coffee lovers will love. Gelazzi Coffee Bean Gelato

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Cookies and Cream Gelato
November 18, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Once again we have made up cookies and cream gelato and once again we expect to sell out the batch before the end of the day. This time we’ve made double so we should have some tomorrow too. While supplies last you can get a taste of some of the finest Italian style cookies and cream gelato ever made until we make more.

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Banana Gelato
September 6, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

Our flavor of the week is banana gelato. We use about 100 fresh peeled bananas to make up our banana gelato. One bite and you might go bananas for more.

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Margherita Pizza
August 27, 2016 by Gelazzi in News 0 Comments

At Gelazzi we make our pizza marinara with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala and our sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes. Come in and get a pie to go or eat it on our spacious back patio.

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