Gelazzi is a family owned Italian-American Eatery
making the finest gelato, pizza & sandwiches
in the historic Houston Heights

In 1953, Anthony Comella sold his liquor distributorship and opened an Italian restaurant in Chicago. Back then, customers would bring their families to eat some of the best pizza, sandwiches, and Italian ice cream in the neighborhood. Inspired by family, tradition, and the great Italian-American foods his grandfather made in the 1950s, Louie Comella set out to bring a taste of Little Italy as well as some of Chicago’s iconic foods to Texas.

The old school Italian-American neighborhood eateries that were once a part of many American cities seem to be all but disappearing. In cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, there’s still Italian-American neighborhoods where mom and pop shops serve up pizza by the slice, great sandwiches, gelato, cannoli, and homemade Italian specialty foods, that are simply the best you’ll ever taste.

Growing up in Chicago, Louie is not only familiar with the neighborhood foods of Little Italy, but the culinary specialties that Chicago is famous for like deep-dish pizza, the classic Chicago-style hot dog, and the iconic Italian Beef Sandwich. They found the perfect opportunity to bring some of the foods of their old Chicago neighborhoods to their new home in historic Houston Heights.

Gelazzi uses the same recipes established back in 1953, and our Italian-American foods are made with the same ingredients and traditions of old world Italy just like Grandma used to make. The interior is adorned with family pictures that capture the nostalgia of our Italian-American heritage and the menu offers old neighborhood favorites along with some savory new tastes. On any given day, customers from all walks of life can be found enjoying the best Italian pizza, sandwiches, and handcrafted gelato in a cozy casual atmosphere or outside on the back patio.

Keeping up with Italian tradition, we place special importance on the love of food, family, and friendship. We use the finest ingredients, family recipes, and our passion for food, to bring you the best gelato, pizza and sandwiches this side of the old neighborhood.

Come join us for an authentic taste of Little Italy in the Houston Heights.

“What a cute little place! The deep dish pizza was great, so was the gelato! Super nice service.“

-Amanda C.

“The atmosphere is real offering a touch of the Heights and a taste of Italy. Foodies will appreciate the exceptional quality and the intention behind each option on the menu.”

-W. Moore

“Gelazzi is a little taste of Italy in Houston's hottest hippest neighborhood.”

-Kathlyn C.

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